L' Asso

International association the bell tower of Collioure

Our activity

The Association is governed by the law of July 1, 1901 with the purpose
  •  The promotion and restoration of our heritage in its historical, immaterial, cultural and natural aspects,
  •  The transmission of knowledge and pride, the acquisition of cultural property in order to promote the sharing of cultures for the restoration of the bell tower of Collioure and the Church of Notre Dame des Anges,
  •  The implementation of the necessary tools to enhance the notoriety and the visibility of the actions carried out provide information of the various publics on the search and use of the funds resulting from the fundraising activities.

As part of the restoration of the Church Notre Dame des Anges and its Bell tower, with the help of patronage, the Association will:

  •  Inform the various publics about the search and the use of the required funds for the renovation work.
  •  Makes attractive and accessible the actions of restoration and the liveliness of the site and encourages support for projects that enhance the visibility and awareness of the image of Collioure internationally, on French territory and Spain.

Article 9 of the statutes provides for the possibility for the association to receive grants from the State, the Region, departments and communes, donations and all other resources authorized by the laws and regulations in force.

The management of the International Association of the Bell Tower Collioure is considered to be disinterested (art.15 of the statutes: all functions remain free and voluntary, excluding the costs incurred by the fulfillment of the mandate, reimbursed on receipts).

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To ensure the sustainability of the Church and the bell tower of Collioure, major renovation and rehabilitation works will be undertaken in 2018 and continued for a few years given the importance of the work to be done.