Save the bell tower

Launching of rehabilitation works

Consolidation of the Church – 1st phase

External masonry, exterior walls: jointing with grout on masonry old rubble – new rubble + injected cement mortar on south facade and east facade (with return on steeple). No intervention on the steeple. Masonry Contractor: PY. MH Architect: Mr G. Mester from Paradj.

1984 - 1986

Works on the bell tower and the upper parts of the Church – 2nd phase.

Roof renovation – Restoration of the facings of the defensive structures on the west facade and the south flat chevet (restoration on the frame of the 3 curved arches) – latrines (very damaged jointing). Contractor: PY, Architect MH: G. Mester of Paradj.

1987 - 1988

Works on the upper part of the Church and restoration of the sacristy – 3rd phase

Internal sanitation of the sacristy – Upper part of the west facade – return to the belfry and south gable – Restoration of the north and east facades. Structural work: PY, Architect MH: G. Mester de Paradj.


Interior restoration

Interior restoration and drainage – vault – paving stone floor – interior walls and paneling – sacristy – new luster in front of the side chapels. Budget: circa 600KF
Structural work: Ent PY, carpentry: CAMA, painting: SEE Villodre, Stained glass: Workshop stained glass.



Sanitation – refurbishment of interior coatings
2 lots: masonry: Ent Lefevre and paintings: Olivier painting – small budget: 95K €

2004 - 2005

Improvements of the Treasury and the new sacristy – internal restoration of the bell tower – sanitation of the side chapels.

Sealing, masonry, roofing, carpentry and painting work. Electricity, heating and ventilation are entrusted to CEGELEC.


Strengthening the pillars and doors of the Council room Rehabilitation of the roof and of the Council room – Installation of anti-pigeon grills

Call for donations

Become a member

and participate in the renovation

To ensure the sustainability of the Church and the Bell Tower of Collioure, major renovation and rehabilitation works will be undertaken in 2018 and continued for a few years given the importance of the work to be done.

Making a donation to the International Association of Bell Tower of Collioure (AICC) will give support to the following actions:

  • Renovation and restoration of the church (retable) and bell tower (interior and exterior)
  • The promotion and restoration of a heritage building in its historical, cultural and natural aspects,
  • The transmission of knowledge about the Bell Tower of Collioure and the Church of Notre Dame des Anges,
  • The implementation of the necessary means to increase the notoriety and visibility of the actions carried out and the information of the various publics on the search and the use of the funds resulting from the fundraising activities.

Your donation will complement the contributions of the various public authorities and the municipality who cannot alone assume the full costs of the renovation program

Please note that your donation is deductible as follows:

  • 75% of your wealth tax, if you are eligible for this tax (deduction) up to a limit of 50 000 €, corresponding to a donation of 66 666 €
  • 66% of your income tax, up to 20% of your taxable income