Diagnostic of the lateral chapels and altar pieces

A procedure to secure the three chapels – Saint Vincent Chapel, Saint Eloi Chapel and Chapel of the Altarpiece of Christ – was initiated to compensate for the weakening of the structures that support the weight of the woodwork, due to the high level of humidity and consequent pathologies.

At the same time, a study is underway in anticipation of the restoration of the interior of the Church of Our Lady of the Angels, the chapels and the structure of the high altar.

The preliminary study of the works is the fundamental step in knowing their state of deterioration and allowing the definition of precise specifications for the restoration. The preliminary study anticipates the following work:

  • A description of the work.
  • Definition of manufacturing materials.
  • A description of construction, assembly and hanging systems.
  • The recognition of polychromies and gilding.
  • The presence of old restoration.
  • Cleaning and clearance tests.
  • Structural and surface pathologies and alterations.

The contribution of the Association to the diagnostic of the chapel and the altar pieces account for 16 200 € as of March 30 2021