Rehabilitation of the Church and the Bell Tower of Collioure

The church and the belle tower of Collioure are a landmark not only of Collioure but also for the department, the region,the country and in a number of countries. The luminosity of the area, the specifity of the church and the bell tower have inspired Matiise, Durain and a number of paints including contemporary ones.

For a number of years, no significant work has been performed to preserve those structures. In January, after obtaining all the proper authorization from the different level of government, the city of Collioure has launched rehabilitation work that will last four to five years. The scope of the project includes the interior and the exterior of the church and the bell tower. The eight lateral, some of them in a very degraded state are also part of the project.

The cost of this project is estimated at 4.5 millions €, 80 % of those costs being assumed by the different levels of governments.The remaining 20% has to be assumed by the Mairie de Collioure.

L’Association Internationale du Clocher de Collioure has several objectives including assisting the Mairie in funding this project.

You can participate to this unique and needed project by joining the Association of by making a contribution to the Association. Donation are eligible to income tax cedit. Adhesion for mis available on our web site.

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Michel Gosselin

Michel Gosselin,
Secretary of the Association

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Association Internationale du Clocher de Collioure
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