Our actions in 2017

 In collaboration with the Collioure Town Hall, which is in charge of presenting the official request for the restoration to the proper regional and departmental instances , the AICC (International Association of the Clocher de Collioure) has already launched in 2017 information campaigns and requested donations.

Therefore a first information session was held in May in front of an audience of colliourencs to inform them of AICC’s existence, its objectives and its activities, as well as the advantages of their involvement especially the tax advantages of  a financial contribution within the framework of a philanthropy.

Among the activities, two fundraising dinners were organized in June and September, respectively at La Balette and at La Frégate, which brought together 120 donors, whom AICC warmly thanks. Thank you to Mrs. Sarah Juan and to Mr. Jérôme Svoboda, as well as their teams, for their warm welcome and contribution to the success of these events. In November the AICC took part to the Salon des Antiquaires.

On August 26, 2017, the Independent (Regional newspaper) devoted its front page to the safeguarding of the Bell Tower, thus giving the Association a greater visibility, increasing its notoriety and presenting its objectives and the challenges it faces to effectively work with the public authorities in the rehabilitation and renovation of the Church and the Bell Tower. Other articles were also published in Collioure Info

The Association is in the initial phase of its existence. The funds collected are still only a small part of what will be necessary to cover the costs of the heavy restoration works of the Church and Bell Tower but this financial contribution is crucial knowing the current disengagement of the State in the financing of local communities.


Currently, in order to strengthen its communication tools, the Association has created a website and a Facebook page. Eventually we will also use crowdfunding as the project will progress.

Early in 2018, we will develop an action plan that will increase awareness of the Association and help achieve its objectives.
It is important to mention that all members of the Association are volunteers.